Frequently asked questions

I'm not a yoga expert. How will I cope?

Easily, because you will not be pushed outside your comfort zone. Our classes are the same for beginners and experts alike. Beginners can do at least part of all the postures and will soon improve, helped by guidance from our skilled teachers.

I'm not very bendy. Is this for me?

It’s perfect. Maybe you’re not bendy now, but you will be when you stick to it. You don’t need to be ‘in shape’ from the start. Yoga is about helping you stretch your body and spine to increase your flexibility. There is always room for improvement both physically and emotionally.

Will I look out of place?

Don’t give it another thought. Every student in the room will be focusing on themselves. No one will be judging you and the teacher will guide you. We are a community and everyone there remembers their first class. You will feel their support.

Is the studio always hot?

Studio 1 is almost always hot. The Hot 26 and Hot Pacific classes are heated to 38°c/100°f.

Why 38°c?

The heat is carefully set to warm your muscles, helping you work more deeply and safely and taking the pain out of stretching. 38°c is the optimum temperature and avoids the distress some may experience above that level.

And Hot Pilates?

Studio 1 again. Hot Pilates is heated to 30° as it is even more dynamic.

What about Studio 2?

Studio 2 is used for a wide variety of different classes – always a warm, ambient temperature.

How are the studios heated?

We use a sophisticated combination. Vesuvius units raise the room temperature to around 25°c then white ceramic ceiling panels (Far Infrared) take over to heat your body, not the air you breathe. This is kind sun-spectrum heating which has therapeutic benefits. FIR panels were developed in German and Austrian hospitals for that reason. The air quality, oxygen content and humidity is carefully maintained throughout.

How does the heat help?

In so many ways. It makes the muscles, fascia and connective tissue more elastic so that joints have more mobility and you see results faster. The heat takes the trauma out of stretching and speeds healing. You can stretch more easily. It helps your capillaries to dilate, improving oxygen flow throughout your body.

How long is a class?

The standard Hot 26 and Hot Pacific classes are 90 minutes. The Express versions are 60 minutes (with fewer repetitions of postures). You need to stay for the full duration of each class. Other classes – see class descriptions for length.

Is 60 minutes as good as 90?

Not quite. The 90 minute class gives you a powerful cardiovascular workout but if you’re short of time, 60 minutes is the next best thing.

When should I start?

Yesterday would be good. As soon as you possibly can. This is therapeutic exercise for fitness and flexibility which releases stress and tension and helps calm your body and your mind. These are moving meditations and it is never too late to begin.

How often should I come?

As often as you can. Daily practice at the start brings rapid improvement and then you can relax into a regime to suit you – typically 3 or 4 times a week. You will find you want to keep this up as you feel the benefits and the hot yoga in particular will quickly become easier. It is habit-forming in the best possible way and the time you put in will be returned to you tenfold.

Can I eat before class?

It is best to come on a fairly empty stomach. Try not to eat for 2 hours before class. You can drink juice or eat fruit in moderation up to 1 hour before class.

What about drinking?

You should drink plenty of water every day. It is important to stay hydrated and to arrive for classes in that state.

What should I bring?

A yoga mat, a long towel to lay on it and another towel to dry yourself after your shower. You can hire all these from us if you prefer. Also bring a water bottle, either stainless steel, non-BPA plastic or glass in a protective sleeve. We provide water fountains for filling these.

What should I wear?

Active wear or shorts with a T-shirt or sports top. No socks in the studio, you will be barefoot.

I’m ill or injured - is that okay?

Yes, but make sure we know all the important details (see first-time registration below). Teachers will be able to suggest alternative postures to help you. Never push yourself harder than feels comfortable. If you are at the infectious stage of an illness please wait until you’re better before coming.

What if I’m pregnant?

We recommend that you don’t practice the hot classes in your first trimester. After that, talk to our teachers about alternative postures.


Yes, we all have that. Under 16? We need parental consent. Talk to us. Otherwise it works all the way up. Over 120? You’ve probably been practicing all your life.

First-time registration and check-in

Everyone needs to fill in a registration form with full health details and discuss any issues before their first class. You can register on-line but you still need to talk such issues through with us so come early first time.

Studio access

Sign-in for classes opens 30 minutes before the class. Once changed, you can enter the studios 20 minutes before the start to allow us enough turn-round time between classes.

Taster card.

A one-off for new customers.

Your first class: £15 - then you're our guest for the next nine days
for as many classes as you like.

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